03. July 2024

Here you will find a collection of documents to assist you with various housing issues. Whether you are moving in or out, want to file a noise complaint, or need help with other matters – our forms are available here. Simply download, fill them out and you are all set.

Checklist for moving in and out

A checklist for moving in and out helps to organize the moving process and ensure that all important tasks are completed. To make sure you don’t forget anything, download the checklist here:

Checkliste Für Ein Und Auszug

Noise protocol

A noise log is used to systematically document and verify noise disturbances. It is useful for collecting evidence of the frequency and type of noise that can be presented to the landlord or the authorities. This helps to initiate legal action and provides a factual basis for resolving conflicts with the noise perpetrators. A noise log should include the date, time, duration, type of noise, source and impact of the disturbance.

Noise disturbance log