03. July 2024

Here you will find all the important information and documents relating to your tenancy. From the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of your tenancy agreement to the house rules and the privacy policy – everything conveniently available to download.

Care instructions for laminate flooring, parquet and floorboards

This information sheet provides you with care instructions for laminate flooring, parquet and floorboards. It explains preventative measures to avoid damage to the floor coverings. You will also learn how to properly dry and wet clean laminate and wooden floors to ensure their longevity and which cleaning agents should be used or avoided.

Care instructions for laminate flooring, parquet and floorboards

Handling drinking water

With this information sheet, we would like to inform you about the handling of drinking water and the use of hot water systems. Since 2012, according to the Ordinance on the Quality of Drinking Water for Human Consumption (Drinking Water Ordinance), water supply systems must be tested for Legionella. Here, you will learn what legionella are, how you can protect yourself from them, and how the proper testing of drinking water is conducted.

How to deal with drinking water

Vinyl asbestos floor panels (Floor-Plex tiles)

Due to their specific structural properties, building materials containing asbestos, such as vinyl asbestos tiles (also known as Floor-Flex tiles), were frequently used in Germany, particularly in the 1960s/70s. The reason for this was their almost unlimited durability and the excellent cleaning capabilities they offered in rental apartments. This information sheet explains how to identify asbestos-containing vinyl tiles and provides important advise to avoid potential health hazards. Additionally, we inform you about the measures to take if you discover damaged tiles and how to proceed in such cases.

Floor Flex panels (asbestos floor panels)

Our house rules

Our house rules govern the rights and obligations of our tenants within our properties. They primarily serve to facilitate orderly coexistence. The rules aim to ensure peaceful and respectful interactions, maintain the quality of living for all residents and protect communal property. This includes rules on home security and quiet hours, and the use and maintenance of common areas.

House rules


General Terms and Conditions for Residential Accommodation

In our general terms and conditions for residential leases, you will find all important regulations and information pertaining to your rental agreement. These include provisions on the use of the rented property, warranty and liability, as well as on rent payments and operating costs. Furthermore, topics such as heating and hot water supply, subletting, keeping animals, cosmetic repairs and structural alterations by the tenant are regulated. We inform you about maintenance obligations, modernization measures, access to the rented premises and termination of the tenancy.

General terms and conditions of tenancy