**FIRST OCCUPANCY AFTER RENOVATION ** Heating subsidy of € 600 + option of fitted kitchen!

Goethestraße 13, 01589 Riesa

59.00 m2

2.0 Rooms

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Short overview

Object type: Flat


Net rent: 329.00 €

Service charges: 70.00 €

Total rent: 399.00 €

Deposit: 658.00 €

Building substance & energy certificate

Construction year: 1916

Condition: Cared for

Badge type: Consumption certificate

Valid until: July 10, 2030

Object description

Riesa covers an area of 58.91 square kilometers on the left bank of the Elbe and is a medium-sized town in the Saxon district of Meißen. Riesa lies on an Elbe bend and at the confluence of the Jahna and Döllnitz rivers, with the harbor following the end of the course of the Döllnitz river. The Pausitzer Delle and the Heideberg are characteristic streets. Riesa is located to the north of the Lommatzscher Pflege. The town is mainly known for its steel industry and as a sports town. Riesa has been a large district town in the Free State of Saxony since 1994.
And how did Riesa come about? Once upon a time, a giant came to the banks of the Elbe on his wanderings. Before he crossed the river, he felt a pressure in his boot. This was caused by the grains of sand and stones that had accumulated in it during his wanderings. He sat down on the bank, took off his boot with a groan and turned it inside out. What came out? A whole mountain of sand and stone, on which the first houses of Riesa were built.
At least that is the legend about the origins of Riesa. This legend of development can still be found today in the form of the Riesa Giant on Riesa's coat of arms.


Cozy 2-room apartment on the top floor. The very open-plan living rooms offer plenty of space. The open kitchen is located in the living room. + Option of fitted kitchen. The large, bright daylight bathroom has a bathtub and a shower. Renovation work is currently taking place in the apartment. The photos show the condition before renovation! The tenancy can start from around the end of 2023. Modern, energy-efficient electric heating will be installed in the apartment. You pay for hot water/heating via the electricity. This means that you only pay the cold ancillary costs to the landlord. The partial storage heater is a modern electric heater with heat storage. When you switch it on, it uses electricity to heat the fireclay storage bricks inside. The power supply then switches off and the electric storage heater releases the heat from the fireclay bricks in a controlled manner. The partial storage heater scores with short heat-up times and long heat output. It provides a cozy warmth with a mix of 50% radiant heat and 50% convection heat.

With its integrated, digital thermostat, the power supply and heat output can be controlled in an energy and cost-efficient manner. The thermostat offers the user many smart functions and the option of app and cloud control of their heating.

You benefit from these top advantages:

1.Heat storage & smart functions save electricity and money, particularly suitable for permanently heated rooms.

  1. maintenance-free quality heating made in Germany, which does not affect the utility bill and thus saves costs. 3.100% efficient, no heat loss through pipes. 4 Reduction of the CO2 footprint with green electricity. 5 Intelligent automatic control functions recognize when heat is needed.

More information: https://www.lucht-lhz.de/produkte/teilspeicherheizung/


Congratulations! Your new apartment is located in Goethestraße, an excellent location in Riesa. Goethestraße is located in the center of Riesa. All stores for everyday needs, such as the supermarket or the bakery, are within easy walking distance. And for larger purchases, you can drive to Riesa's largest shopping center, Riesapark. Whether by bus, train, car or bicycle. The choice is yours, as you are well connected to Riesa's transport network and no means of transport will take you more than 10 minutes to Riesapark. Have fun shopping! Nature lovers will also get their money's worth, as the city park and the Elbe are just around the corner.

Additional Information

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