Get to know the team of Velero Immobilien GmbH.

Management Board
Sascha Giest
Founder, Co-CEO & Chief Financial Officer
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Responsible for business development, capital markets & IR, finance, ESG

  • Former Co-CEO & CFO of Westgrund AG

  • Previously transaction manager for Berlin housing companies, CEO at British start-up

  • 8 years investment banking with JP Morgan and Barclays Capital

Thomas Lange
Founder, Co-CEO & CIO
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in real estate management

  • Responsible for transactions, asset management, human resources

  • Former head of transaction at Westgrund AG

  • More than 70,000 residential units bought, sold and valued

Stefan Kube
  • Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Management (BA)

  • Responsible for property management, facility management, reporting management, letting management

  • Former managing director of BBT Transaction and Valuation GmbH

  • More than 60,000 residential units valued and partially restructured

Leadership Team
Ronny Sager
Head of Asset Management
  • Qualified real estate professional, real estate manager

  • Team of 4 asset managers

  • Former asset manager at Westgrund AG, 17 years of experience in asset and property management, Germany-wide

Benjamin Käthner
Head of Capital Markets
Thomas Tietze
Head of Technical Asset Management
  • Dipl.-Ing. Architect

  • Team of 5 technical employees

  • Expert for residential real estate development, for new construction and renovation with and without energy focus, 20 years of experience

Ulrike Nader
Head of Property Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in real estate management

  • Financing & capital market expert

  • Project manager of all capital market measures of Westgrund AG

  • Main contact person for Velero's bank partners

  • Qualified real estate professional with specialization in residential management

  • Team of 25 property managers

  • Longstanding track record in leading real estate management teams

Stefanie Devantier
Head of HR & Office
  • Long-standing experience in office management, HR and board assistance in various industries

  • 4 years office manager with team responsibility at Velero

  • 4 years assistant to the board Westgrund/Adler AG

  • 7 years executive assistant & HR with team responsibility at Wall AG

Iris Fisch
Head of Finance
  • Master of Business Administration

  • Team of 11 accountants

  • 25 years of experience as team leader in finance & accounting

Dirk Kahle
Head of IT & Data Security
  • IT businessman and qualified professional for data processing

  • 25 years IT network admin experience, expert for data protection and DSGVO

Andreas Lübeck
Head of FM West
  • Construction manager and carpenter

  • Since 2007 in the real estate industry

  • Team of up to 18 employees at various locations with currently approx. 7,000 units

Manja Fritsch
Head of Controlling
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in real estate management

  • 15 years experience in CF modeling, analytics, controlling and reporting

Uwe Jeschke
Head of FM East
  • Foreman - building construction and carpenter

  • Team of up to 12 employees at different locations with currently approx. 3,000 units