We see real estate as more than four walls, more than objects, more than investments and profit. We see opportunities for better communal living, benefiting everyone: tenants, investors, the neighborhood and the region.

In 2015, we embarked on a new journey as Velero in asset management – with the firm determination to rethink value-add management. Today, we manage around 27,000 apartments throughout Germany with a great team of over 300 employees. Our specialty: upgrading existing properties – with creativity, a sense of proportion and an ear for the needs of current and future tenants. This is how we create vibrant, feel-good spaces where apartments were previously unrenovated, uninhabited and unnoticed.

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Value add management for places where life pulsates.

When we upgrade properties, our aim is to benefit entire neighborhoods. Our commitment is to attractive properties in authentic neighborhoods, as well as in small and medium-sized towns – the places where people enjoy living. Instead of Berlin or Munich, we take care of residential buildings in Bochum or Wittstock that deserve more attention. We turn faded properties into vibrant, friendly and lively places. A plus in living quality is just as important to us as respecting the people whose hearts are tied to their homes. When a harmonious community is achieved between old and new, between long-time residents and newcomers, we have achieved our goal.

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Unlocking potentials that others overlook.

From the outset, we’ve approached property enhancement, letting and property management in our own unique way. Some in the industry may find it surprising, but we stand by the values that define Velero.

  • We make a difference:
    Velero implements real estate projects on a grand scale – where people actually are. We operate with flexibility, embrace innovation and dedicate ourselves to fostering good community living.
  • We dare to venture:
    Velero invests where others may turn away – consistently and with thorough consideration. We have a knack for recognizing potential and firmly believe that profit and well-being are not mutually exclusive.
  • We bring people together:
    Velero finds solutions and connects people – from planning to maintenance. We stay in touch with tenants, provide unbureaucratic help with problems and promote cooperation.

By the way: We are always on the lookout for people who share our beliefs and want to join us in maximizing the potential of real estate. Already applied?

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Sustainably improving communal living.

Shaping better community interactions: We aim to enhance not only the residential buildings we manage, improve and rent out but also the places and neighborhoods where we are active. From supporting sports clubs to creating unique playgrounds and establishing a youth club, we brainstorm various initiatives for the local community. Furthermore, we also support humanitarian projects worldwide concerning housing, education and communal living.

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