Where many people share a residence, there are also many questions: you want to be on the safe side when it comes to moving in or out, the service charge bill or the house community. We’ve gathered the most common topics tenants contact us about via service hotline, email or on-site visits. These have been adressed by our real estate professionals from our management offices across Germany. And if you can’t find a suitable answer here, feel free to contact us!

Rental begin & Rental end

Can I terminate the tenancy on behalf of another person if they are unable to do so themselves?

You can terminate the tenancy on behalf of another person if you have a “power of attorney for housing matters”. When submitting the termination notice, please include the power of attorney in writing and a valid identification document from you. If the person has passed away and there is no power of attorney, we will need the death certificate and the certificate of inheritance.

Moving in or out, what do i need to consider?

We have compiled a checklist for you. It includes the most important aspects regarding moving in and moving out. Download the checklist here:

Checklist for moving in and out

What needs to be renovated before I move out?

Please review the handover protocol you received upon moving in: It documents the condition in which you are expected to return the apartment to us. Also, please refer to “§9 Maintenance and Repairs” in the general terms and conditions of your Velero rental agreement.

Maintenance and repairs may include, depending on the apartment:

– Wallpapering or painting the walls, ceilings and floors
– Painting the radiators including the heating pipes
– Painting the interior doors as well as windows and exterior doors from the inside

An exeption applies to old GDR rental contracts. If you are unsure, please arrange a meeting with your property manager before moving out.

Rent and security deposit

I don’t know why there is a rent arrears. How can I clarify this?

Please first review your payments to the landlord, including any additional payments from the operating and heating cost settlement. If the arrear is still unclear to you, you can request an account clarification. This will assist in understanding the claims and payments on your tenant account. Please send an e-mail with the subject “Account clarification” to forderungsmanagemen(at)velero.com and povide the tenant number from the rental agreement. Alternativly, you can call our Service Center.

Can I also pay my security deposit in cash upon taking over the apartment?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay the security deposit in cash. Please transfer the deposit to the deposit account specified in the rental agreement before taking over the apartment.

Can I pay my security deposit in installments?

According to the law, you are allowed to pay the deposit in up to three installments. Please discuss directly with the responsible agent or property manager when renting. You must pay the first installment before the handover. If you wish to arrange something different, please inquire with the management. Click on ‘Tenant Services’, then select the category General Information / Installment Payments.

Can I pay the rent by direct debit / SEPA direct debit mandate?

Certainly! We’ll send you the SEPA direct debit mandate form by mail. Please contact your property manager or the service center.

When will I get my deposit back?

We will refund the security deposit if there are no rent arrears or additional payments owed to the landlord. Sometimes, the final utiliy and heating cost need to be calculated first. However, we are happy to check whether we can refund part of the deposit earlier. According to the law, there is a period of 6 months after the end of the tenancy agreement for this process. We need your current and complete bank account details from you. Simply provide them to us online. Click on ‘Tenant Services’, then select ‘General Information / Refund of Credit / Deposit category. Select the management office of your former address from the list.

Why is there a security deposit?

The security deposit is a component of the rental deposit. The landlord is entitled to retain it until the operating and heating cost settlement is pending. If no additional payment is required at that point, you will receive the security deposit back immediately.

What is the current bank account information for my management?

New tenants will find the current bank account information in the welcome letter. Those who already have a rental contract can find the bank details in §4. Our Service Center will also gladly provide you with the banking information.

How is my total rent composed?

The components of the total rent include base rent, operating costs and heating costs. In the rental agreement, you will find the amount of each item under §3. If the rent has changed, the individual items will be listed in the last letter regarding the price adjustment. You can also find out how your current rent is composed through the service center.

How should i act when i receive a reminder?

Please first check if you have paid everything. For example, review your bank statements and take a look at our recent letters. If you believe that we have overlooked one or more payments, please provide us with the relevant receipts. If the reminder is justified, please settle the outstanding balance within the specified deadline. If you wish to discuss a payment plan, please contact your relevant property management. To do this, click on the category ‘General information / Payment plans’ under Tenant services.

Tenants referring tenants

Is there a bonus for referring a new tenant?

At Velero, we regulary run promotions such as “Looking for favorite neighbors!” or “Tenants referring tenants”, where you can receive a bonus. We will notify you in advance with posters in the properties. Feel free to inquire at vermietung(at)velero.com to find out when the next promotion is scheduled.

Service charges and billing

Is it advisable to conserve water?

Not only are prices rising in many places for drinking water and wastewater treatment, but also for energy used in heating water. We recommend conserving these resources. This can help you avoid additional payments in your operating and heating cost statements. Additionally, you’ll be contributing to environmental preservation.

When will the next service charge statement be issued?

Your landlord is required to prepare the operating cost statement for your apartment no later than twelve months after the end of the accounting period. This is a legal requirement. The landlord has the discretion to determine the start and end dates of the accounting period.

What should I do with the utility bill if I receive benefits from a public authority?

Submit a copy of the statement to the public authority (job center, social welfare office, etc.). In the event of an additional payment, you can file a request for covering the costs there. If the public authority is unable to meet our deadline, please inform your administration in a timely manner. To do so, select the category ‘General notification / Other’  in the tenant service.

How can I lodge an objection against the operating cost statement?

Please adress objections against the operating cost statement in writing to the administration. To do so, select the category ‘General notification / Other’  in the Tenant Service. The responsible administration will review your objection as soon as possible and may clarify details with billing service providers if necessary. You can also inquire about the status of your case through our contact form in the Tenant Service.

How can I read my electricity meter if it is not located in my apartment?

If the apartment electricity meter is located in a secured technical room, please inquire with the designated janitor. However, electricity meters are often readily accessible in the basement or staircase.

What does the operating cost statement consist of?

The operating cost statement comprises all expenses incurred by the landlord due to ownership of the rented property and it’s ongoing management. There are cold operating costs (property tax, waste disposal, water supply) and warm operating costs (heating, hot water). The costs that can be passed on to tenants are regulated by §2 of the Operating Costs Regulation (BetrKV). Please refer to §4 of our Terms and Conditions or the last operating and heating cost statement for the breakdown of additional costs.

All about the rental agreement

May a subtenant or roommate move into my apartment?

For the entry or departure of subtenants or roommates, please submit a written request. If the tenancy agreement is to be amended, all parties to the contract must provide written consent. A credit check may also be necessary. You can submit the request through the Tenant Service under the category ‘General information / Other’.

I’m having trouble with my neighbor – what can I do?

First and foremost, try to have a conversation with teh neighbor in question. If you or others are threatened or in danger, contact the police. Please inform your landlord in writing about persistent disturbances. If possible, create a disturbance log as a table with the dates, start and end times, type of disturbance and any witnesses. Contact us online through the tenant service under the category ‘General notification / complaint’.

Are pets allowed? If so, how do I register them?

Small pets commonly kept in households such as ornamental birds, ornamental fish, hamsters or guinea pigs may be kept in the apartment without the landlord’s permission. By “small” not only the size but also to the species is meant: a Chihuahua is small, but still a dog. For other pets, especially dogs and cats, permission from the landlord is required. This also applies to unusual pets such as snakes, spiders or parrots. To register them, please select the category ‘General information / Other’ in the tenant service.

What should I do if my neighbors are causing noise?

Please try to first talk to your neighbors directly. Often the issue can be resolved promptly. If the disturbance persists, use the noise disturbance log form to record the date, time and nature of disturbance. Please keep the log for at least 14 days and submit it with your signature to the property management. If you wish to discuss noise issues with your property management, select the category  ‘General messages / Complaints’ in the Tenant Service.

What happens if I violate the house rules?

Failure to comply with the regulations contained in the house rules may result in a warning for breach the contract. Serious violations or repeated disregard may lead to the landlord terminating the lease without notice.

What is included in the house rules?

The house rules are part of your tenancy agreement and govern the rights and obligations of the tenants as well as the contractual use of the rented property. It primarily includes point that facilitate orderly coexistence. This includes rules regarding house safety, quiet hours, use and cleaning of the hallway and waste disposal.

Which quiet hours must be observed?

The legal quiet hours extend from 10 p.m. in the evening until 6 a.m. in the morning, as well as on Sundays and public holidays. During these times, you should refrain from making noise out of consideration for other tenants. Further information is available in the house rules.

How can I rent a parking space?

If there are parking spaces available for rent in your area, please contact our rental department by e-mail at vermietung(at)velero.com with the subject “Parking space rental”.

How is the rental agreement established?

If you have viewed an apartment with the estate agent or property management company and wish to move in, please submit the following documents:

– Rental application form (provided by the real estate agent / property management company)
– Proof of identity
– Schufa credit report
– Proof of income for the last three months
– Certificate of previous landlord (confirming absence of rental debts)

We will review the documents as soon as possible and send you a confirmation. Subsequently, you will receive two rental agreements by mail. One copy is for your records. Please sign the second copy and return it to the following address:
Velero Management GmbH, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin.

Structural measures / tenant improvements / damage

Am I allowed to make structural changes such as installing sockets or making openings?

Structural changes to the rented property, in particular interventions in the existing electrical, heating, ventilation and plumbing systems, always require approval. This also applies to the removal of the existing flooring. Please submit a written request for this to your property management. To do so, select the category ‘General information / Other’ in the Tenant Services.

Am I allowed to install a balcony solar power system?

The installation of a balcony solar power system must be examined and approved by the property management in each individual case. Please submit a written request for this. Use the ‘General notifications / Other’ category in the Tenant Service for this purpose.

I have lost my key, what should I do now?

If you have lost the key to your apartment door, please call the local locksmith. If you have lost the key to the main entrance door, you can request a key authorization through the Service Center or directly from the property management. If you have lost your mailbox key, please contact the property management or the Service Center. In any case, inform the property management about the loss and, if necessary, contact your liability insurance company.

Is it possible to carry out age-appropriate renovations, and can I rent a rollator box?

Age-appropriate renovation is generally possible. Please submit a written request to the administration for this purpose. They will then, together with the relevant specialist companies, assess the structural conditions and necessary measures. If you have a care level, please inquire with your nursing care insurance about a subsidy. Some conversion measures may also result in an increase in rent, depending on the scope of renovations. We can provide you with rollator boxes for a monthly fee.
To contact your property management regarding these matters, select the category ‘General information / Other’ under Tenant services.

Are there any renovation measures planned for our building in the near future?

We usually announce renovation measures by posting notices in advance of the work stating. For long-term planning, the administration can provide you with information. To contact us, select the category ‘General information / Other’ in the tenant service.

What should I do if I notice damage or a defect?

Report any damage such as mold or water damage in as much detail as possible to your property management. They will then commission specialist companies to rectify the damage or defect. The craftsmen will contact you to arrange an appointment. To contact your property management, select the category ‘General notifications / Report of repair needs’ in the tenant service.

Which insurance covers damages (including weather-related damages)?

For damages to the building and it’s structure, the adminstration usually assesses wether the building insurance covers the costs. If you, as a tenant, have suffered damage to your belongings or “life”, please submit this in writing to your relevant adminstrator. It is best to send an e-mail with photo evidence. Alternativly, select the category ‘General notifications / Report repair needs’ in the tenant service.