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Blue Wall stood. And that was fantastic!

28. May 2024

40 daring Veleros 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ rode on Sunday in the German Real Estate Championship as part of the Velero neuseen classics, covering the beautiful 60 km route around Leipzig.

Joining them: the Blue Wall, loud and proud, an absolutely enthusiastic fan block…

The weather was perfect. ☀️ The atmosphere was incredible. The drinks were cold and sparkling… 🍸 Pure fun! 🥳

Congratulations to the winners of the German Real Estate Championships. For the women, Marie Christin Jägers (VNSC 60) and Sarah Deborah Schulz (VNSC 100) and for the men, Lars Jugel (VNSC 60) and Hendrik Dombek (VNSC 100), achieved incredible times to take the top spots. What a phenomenal performance! 🏆

The most successful team of the German Real Estate Championships was… 🥁 Drum roll: THE BLUE WALL!!!

Hooray for the Blue Wall! 💥

Another wonderfully successful event…We say thank you:

  • to all our fellow campaigners
  • to MaximalPULS for the perfect organization of this great cycling event
  • to the City of Leipzig for there support
  • to Radsport Heinze for the tireless support on-site
  • to Enloc for the friendly challenge of Red vs Blue Wall 😉 and for making the livestream of the Velero neuseen classics possible to all the fans along the route.

Stay sporty and healthy!