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Future concept for the Fürstenwalde tire factory estate

05. September 2023

Fresh ideas from HTW students

Every year, students of the Real Estate Management course at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences work on a project together with partners from the real estate industry. The aim: to get to know current challenges in the real estate industry using a practical example and to develop future-oriented concepts. Velero was happy to take on the project partnership in summer 2023.

The task for the students: Develop a future concept for the tire factory estate in Fürstenwalde that strengthens the sustainability of the entire estate and promotes social cohesion among the residents.

For background information: The tire factory estate was built in 1939 as a small residential area for the employees of the local tire factory. The development into today’s tire factory estate with almost 600 apartments only began in the early 1950s as a factory estate for the GDR company Reifenkombinat Fürstenwalde. Since the beginning of 2022, Velero has been responsible for the management and development of almost all of the estate’s residential buildings on behalf of the owner.

The package of measures implemented by the students is impressive. It ranges from the addition of new balconies and age-appropriate modernization to the rededication of green spaces as areas for wild bees. We say thank you for the many fresh ideas and are now checking what can actually be implemented on site.