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With heart and mind: quality of life & commitment in the north of Duisburg

14. May 2019

Velero revitalizes Jupp settlement and supports local actors

New coexistence in the north of Duisburg: The example of the Jupp-Siedlung shows that quality of life is not just a question of intact apartments. In addition to renovating the run-down houses and upgrading the apartments, it was particularly important to us to create a positive community life on site, recalls Managing Director Thomas Lange. That’s why we supported local clubs and initiatives right from the start.

Since 2019, Velero has supported local social actors with €30,000. This has benefited the local soccer club as well as the youth club. The company has also been cooperating with the local mosque for many years. Through information events and regular exchanges, the wishes and needs of tenants can be taken into account even better. Velero is also represented in the association of Duisburg housing companies in order to contribute new ideas for the north of Duisburg.

Until a few years ago, the dreary everyday life in the Jupp estate looked very different: gray, unkempt alleys, lots of garbage, little greenery and longstanding tenants who no longer wanted to live there. Velero took over the 574 apartments, spread over 153 house terraces, in 2017 – and revitalized the entire neighbourhood for the long term. Renovated façades, a redesigned outdoor area with lots of greenery, clean bin areas and new playground equipment, as well as modern apartments, have been delighting new and old tenants ever since. Fluctuation and vacancy rates have fallen and the feel-good factor has increased significantly.